Friday, November 23

International Songs Music Videos (uncensored versions)

Uncensored versions of Chartbusters!

Teriyaki Boyz - Tokyo drift S ntje music-videomix (84349 KB)

SXMV Remix of SMS (100500 KB). (100500 KB). (58016 KB).

SMS - Obida (100812 KB).

SMS - Body (100000 KB). (67142 KB).

SMS - Ljubij Kohaj Mne (100000 KB). (38276 KB).

Young Jeezy feat. Lloyd & Slick Pulla - Tear It Up (Amber Easton Uncensored Video) (81712 KB).

Josh Wink - Higher State Of Concioussness (Uncensored) (65983 KB).

Ida Corr vs Fedde Le Grand - Let Me Think About It (83424 KB).

Amsterdam Dance Mission Party

Daddy Yankee featuring Fergie (Impacto Remix)

Emilia - FotoSex FHM

Emilia - S Teb Da Poludea

Galena FHM:

Galena - Dushata mi kreshti

IIO - Is It Love

Jennifer Lopez - Waiting for Tonight -9437kb

Morandi - A La Lujeba

Nelly Fertado featuring Kelly Rowland (Dilemma)

Sunblock - Baby Baby

Sunblock - Baby Baby (uncensored)


Friday, November 16

Some of the Best Movie Sex Scenes

Valeska Hanel - Just Married (Sex outdoor)
Maggie Q - Naked Weapon - Lap/Poll dance & topless sex scene
Molly Schade - Eurotrip (Topless in Hot Tub) HDTV

Cameron Richardson - Rise Blood Hunter 2

Alice Henley, Lyndsey Marshall, Zuleikha Robinson from Rome - Season 2 - Episode 9

Elena Tecuta, Holly Davidson, and Lauren Cohan from Van Wilder 2: The Rise of Taj

Short Bus
Unknown Actress Orgy - Short Bus

Shanti Carson - Short Bus

Sook Yin Lee - ShortBus

Nicole Rayburn - Blur

Katherine Moennig and Kristanna Loken - The Last Word

Unknown Actresses - Beerfest

Sarah Buxton - Little Children

Julia Horvath - Until Death

Various Actresses - National Lampoon's Pledge This

Sienna Miller - Factory Girl

Apocalypse and the Beauty Queen

Masters Of Horror
Leela Savasta - Masters Of Horror

Clare Grant - Masters Of Horror

Samantha McLeod - Snakes On A Plane

Maria Dinulescu - California Dreaming

Rachel Montague, Lorna Doyle and Natalie Dormer from The Tudors Season 1 Episode 3
Rachel Montague - The Tudors (Season 1 Episode 3)

Lorna Doyle - The Tudors (Season 1 Episode 3)

Natalie Dormer - The Tudors (Season 1 Episode 3)

Lady In Waiting - The Tudors (Season 1 Episode 1)

Natalie Dormer - Tudors Season 1 Episode 10

Heather Matarazzo and Monika Malacova (XVID-36.8 MB)
Heather Matarazzo - Hostel

VeraJordanova - Hostel 2 Workprint

Irina Voronina and Mary Castro from Reno 911:Miami
Irina Voronina - Reno 911:Miami

Mary Castro - Reno 911:Miami

Julia Anderson and Robin Sydney from Masters of Horror: Right to Die
Julia Anderson - Masters of Horror: Right to Die

Robin Sydney - Masters of Horror: Right to Die

Sarah Polley - Secret Life

Annabeth Gish - Brotherhood of the Wolves

Chelan Simmons - FD3

Barbara Nedeljakova - Hostel

Jacqueline Quinones - Hard Luck

Jolene Blalock - Slow Burn

Tara Fitzgerald - Dark Place

Charisma Carpenter - Flirting With Danger

Charisma Carpenter - Angel

Lucy Liu - Blood Hunter

Tiffany Shepis - Abominable

passwords (if needed):
rar sifresi:@rd@

Various Actresses: Alice Henley, Cameron Richardson, Maggie Q, Molly Schade, Lyndsey Marshall, Zuleikha Robinson, Elena Tecuta, Holly Davidson, Lauren Cohan, Shanti Carson, Sook Yin Lee, Nicole Rayburn, Katherine Moennig, Kristanna Loken, Sarah Buxton, Julia Horvath, Sienna Miller, Leela Savasta, Clare Grant, Samantha McLeod, Maria Dinulescu, Rachel Montague, Lorna Doyle, Natalie Dormer, Monika Malacova, Heather Matarazzo, Vera Jordanova, Irina Voronina, Mary Castro, Julia Anderson, Robin Sydney, Sarah Polley, Annabeth Gish, Chelan Simmons, Barbara Nedeljakova, Jacqueline Quinones, Jolene Blalock, Tara Fitzgerald, Charisma Carpenter, Lucy Liu, Tiffany Shepis, Valeska Hanel )

Thursday, November 1

Salma Hayek Sexy Dancing

Salma Hayek is seen dancing in a very revealing bikini outfit.

Sunday, September 30

Katie Lohmann

Katie Lohmann was born 29 January 1980 in Scottsdale, Arizona.
Physical : BUST: 32″ D / WAIST: 22″ / HIPS: 32″ / HEIGHT: 5′ 4″ / WEIGHT: 103 lbs.
Katie Lohmann loves a beautiful smile, wrestling and ‘Sex and the City.’
Quote : ‘a lot of people are miserable because they’re not doing what they are supposed to be doing in life‘
Katie's Motto: ‘be acting, singing, engineering, teaching, or whatever you’re supposed to be doing, that is when you find happiness‘

Thursday, September 20

World's top 10 fashion models

Do you really think that that fashion statements are made on roads? The answer would probably be negative. What we see on the road is the trend set by fashion models of the industry. Fashion models essentially prop up clothing, accessories and cosmetics.

They use their body to endorse appropriate expressions for the clothing and theme of the product and find place in high fashion magazines such as Vogue, Elle and Marie Claire. Most of the fashion models perform haute couture catwalk with their stunning figures and startling unusual looks.

Most of the top fashion models have started paying much more attention to commercial modeling as the package is much more lucrative in that part of industry. Let’s catwalk with our successful fashion models-

1. Kate Moss
The name itself reminds one of most acknowledged fashion brands such as Versace, vogue, Gucci, channel just a few to mention. This fashion model has worked with Calvin Klein and did assist the brand to get more recognition. With average frame and exotic camera presence she has made millions in the fashion industry.

2. Linda Evangelista
A tall Canadian fashion model that lives up to her image. She has featured in almost all major fashion events and magazines. She is amongst the highest paid fashion models and has been constantly making news with her extraordinary hairstyle and striking features in the industry.

3. Noami Campbell
An established British fashion model that sparkled amid the very first black models to feature in high fashion magazines such as Vogue and Time magazine. She possesses an extremely poised body with intricate features to match her attitude. She justifies her status and is indulged in quite a few social activities to encourage her race.

4. Heidi Klum
This German fashion model has worked with prestigious sports magazine and has gained ranking amid top fashion models with her curvaceous figure and friendly attitude.

5. Tyra Banks
A successful model is a smart one too. Tyra Banks is a perfect idol for aspiring fashion models; this African American model initiated her career at tender age of 17 and graced cover of many fashion magazines. She is presently recognized as hostess of popular TV show America’s next top model.

6. Gisele Bundchen
As a young Brazilian fashion model she has more projects to her credit than her age. With her tall frame and voluptuous stats she has featured in most fashion magazines and worked as a brand ambassador for many fashion products. She has been added in Guinness world records for being world’s richest fashion model.

7. Karolina Kurkova
This tall green eyed blonde fashion model has become a hot favorite with designers and photographers. She has gained popularity within a short span of 4years and has graced cover page of almost all fashion magazines. Amongst the highly paid models in the industry this ultimate sexy goddess is on her way to being a supermodel.

8. Adriana Lima
The green eyed Brazilian beauty has worked for high end fashion brands and designers. She has innumerous esteemed projects in her career and is presently brand associated with Victoria’s secret and Maybelline, rated among top models and paid highly for her rapid fire stardom.

9. Angela Lindvall
This famous American fashion model originates from city of Kansas. This voluptuous beauty had heads turning since she was fourteen. She has worked with top brands such as Gucci, Versace, Prada and valentine. Graced covers of fashion magazines like Italian Elle, vogue etc. and is making way to stardom.

10. Carmen Kass
This slim and sleek fashion model with chiseled cheeks and classic looks started her career at 14. She has graced covers of high profile fashion magazines and is best recognized in gap jeans advertisement. At tender age of 18 she is walking ramp for haute couture top designers looking forward to be top amongst them.

Thursday, June 21

Izabella Scorupco - Lindex lingerie campaign

Izabella Scorupco

A Polish actress and model, Izabella Scorupco is best known for playing Natalya Simonova in the James Bond film "GoldenEye." Her other film credits include "Vertical Limit", "Reign Of Fire", "Exorcist: The Beginning" and "Cougar Club."

Sunday, June 17

Amanda Beard Poses for Playboy

Amanda Beard
Amanda Beard is one of the best female swimmers this generation of Americans has ever seen, but Americas sexiest athlete? I'm not so sure ...

Yes, she has won seven Olympic medals, but the last time Beard attracted this much attention she was on the podium winning gold in Athens (that's more than most of us can say for ourselves.)

This time? Well, Amanda is featured nude in this months issue of Playboy magazine. She is featured on the cover and in a revealing pictorial. When asked why she did it, Beard said it was simply a business/career decision. But was it the right one?

She’s pretty good looking, but what really sets her apart from any of the of the other thousands of women who appear nude in Playboy is her accomplishments and we all know she got that great body from being active ... and honestly that's something I'm willing to support!

Tuesday, May 8

Sexiest Woman In The World of 2007

Jessica AlbaAfter 8 milllion votes between 100 Sexy Women in the World by men's magazine, it's JESSICA.

If there exists a hallowed Sexy Lady Hall of Fame, festooned with inch-perfect busts and gleaming trophies for such talents as “Making The Bikini Seem That Bit More Magical”, then right now a lifesize statue of Jessica Alba should be being hoisted onto a plinth. Perhaps by several men in flat caps and long brown coats, saying "To me, to me; to you, to you."

The Hollywood beauty saw off supermodels, pop stars, actresses and royalty to be crowned this year’s Sexiest Woman in the World. A tremendous achievement that you can celebrate right here with pictures and videos of the Sin City, Into the Blue and Fantastic Four star.

Saturday, April 28

Bugatti Veyron - Hard n Sexy Car

The Bugatti Veyron 16.4 cannot fairly be compared with other cars, because none, including Formula One racers, can match its specs:
1,001 horsepower, 253 mph, 0 to 60 mph in 2.5 seconds.
In 2000, Ferdinand Piech, then CEO of parent company Volkswagen, announced the project and its stunning perfomance goals. T
he Veyron would make a statement, not a profit.
(The car sells for $1.2 million; each of the 300 models to be made will cost VW a rumored $5-6 million.)
Engineers spent years refining the eight-liter, four-turbo, 16-cylinder engine - the 16.4 in the name - to squeeze 1,001 horsepower from it. They refined the aerodynamics with a morphing rear wing and an adjustable suspension to get a final top speed of 253 mph. They developed a seven-speed dual-clutch transmission to harness the 922 pound-feet of torque blasted to all four wheels. The final product is a supremely stable supercar that can be driven by anyone (its gearbox has a docile automatic mode), is mind-bendingly fast, and will probably never be matched in our lifetime.

Thursday, March 22


Angelina Jolie has been voted Hollywood's ''yummiest mommy.''

The actress topped a poll of over 3,000 film fans, conducted by a movie website, to the sexy accolade.

Angelina - who has four children, Maddox, five, Zahara, two, 10-month-old Shiloh and newly adopted Vietnamese boy Pax Thien - beat a host of other stunning Hollywood mothers to the title with around a quarter of the total vote.

Kate Winslet came second, while Reese Witherspoon - who has two children, daughter Ava and son Deacon - and Cate Blanchett came third and fourth respectively.

Angelina Jolie's combination of stunning looks and column inches have earned her an army of film fans.

Other sexy star mothers who made the top ten included Katie Holmes, who has a daughter Suri with husband Tom Cruise, Julia Roberts, who is currently pregnant with her third child, and Gwyneth Paltrow, who has two children, daughter Apple and son Moses, with her Coldplay star husband Chris Martin.

Hollywood's "yummiest mommy" poll top ten:
1. Angelina Jolie 26%
2. Kate Winslet 18%
3. Reese Witherspoon 13%
4. Cate Blanchett 10%
4. Catherine Zeta-Jones 10%
6. Katie Holmes 7%
7. Demi Moore 6%
8. Julia Roberts 4%
8. Nicole Kidman 4%
10. Gwyneth Paltrow 2%

Sunday, February 4

Beyonce Knowles… Most Desirable Woman!!

Beyonce KnowlesDestiny’s Child singer and multi-platinum selling solo artist Beyonce Knowles has been named the most desirable woman of the year by men’s entertainment internet site

Beyonce is the babe of the year…driving all men crazy with her sexy curves, wide eyes and luscious lips. The singer is all everywhere spreading her infectious smile that makes her every man’s fantasy woman.

Knowles grabs the top spot in the list of Top 99 Most Desirable Women Of 2007. More than 8.5 million people took part in the global vote conducted by Scarlett Johansson

The pop superstar beat stunners like ‘Dreamgirls’ actress Scarlett Johansson to the second spot and dark angel of Into the Blue Jessica Alba to the third position.

The top 10 world’s most desirable women according to the poll are as

1 Beyonce Knowles

2 Scarlett Johansson

3 Jessica Alba

4 Adriana LimaJessica Alba

5 Jessica Biel

6 Alessandra Ambrosio

7 Shakira

8 Maria Menounos

9 Angelina Jolie

10 Elisha Cuthbert

Monday, January 22

Elizabeth Hurley

Actress Name: Elizabeth Hurley
Born: 10 June 1965
Height: 5' 8"
Measurements: 36C-23-34 1/2
In 2005 Hurley's beachwear line Elizabeth Hurley Beach debuted in select Saks Fifth Avenue stores in the United States, Harrod's in the UK, various other locations worldwide and through her website.
In 2006, the line expanded its distribution among Europe, the Middle East, Australia and Asia.
Additionally, Hurley hosted the first season of the British reality series Project Catwalk featuring novice fashion designers.
Former spokesperson for Estee Lauder, and Estee Lauder's "Elizabeth Pink" lipstick is named after her, and proceeds from the sales go to breast cancer research.
She owns her own beach wear company, aptly named Elizabeth Hurley Beach.
Liz is planning to tie the knot with Arun Nayar at Jaipur, India in a grand marriage ceremony this year.

Actress Filmography:
The Last Guy on Earth (2006) (pre-production)
Method (2004) .... Rebecca Fairbanks
Dawg (2001) .... Anna Lockhart
Servicing Sara (2001) .... Sarah
"Human Face, The" (2001) (mini) TV Series .... Herself
Double Whammy (2001) .... Dr. Ann Beamer
Bedazzled (2000) .... The Devil
Weight of Water, The (2000) .... Adaline Gunne
Austin Powers: The Spy Who Shagged Me (1999) .... Mrs. Vanessa Kensington Powers
Edtv (1999) .... Jill
Ed TV (1999) (USA: poster title)
My Favorite Martian (1999) .... Brace Channing
My Favourite Martian (1999) (Australia)
Permanent Midnight (1998) .... Sandra
Happy Birthday Elizabeth: A Celebration of Life (1997) (TV) .... Herself
Austin Powers: International Man of Mystery (1997) .... Miss Vanessa Kensington/Mrs. Vanessa Powers
Dangerous Ground (1997) .... Karin
Samson and Delilah (1996) (TV) .... Dalila
Sansone e Dalila (1996) (TV)
Harrison: Cry of the City (1995) (TV)
Shamrock Conspiracy, The (1995) (TV)
World of 007, The (1995) (TV) .... Herself (host)
Mad Dogs and Englishmen (1995) .... Antonia Dyer
Shameless (1995/I)
Sharpe's Enemy (1994) (TV) .... Lady Isabella Farthingdale
Beyond Bedlam (1993) .... Stephanie Lyell
Nightscare (1993)
Passenger 57 (1992) .... Sabrina Ritchie
Largo invierno, El (1991) .... Emma Stapleton
Long Winter of '39, The (1991)
Long Winter, The (1991)
Orchid House (1991) (TV) .... Natalie
Death Has a Bad Reputation (1990) (TV) .... Julia Latham
Skipper, Der (1990) .... Lou
Kill Cruise (1990)
Storm, The (1990)
Act of Will (1989) (TV) .... Christina
Christabel (1988) (TV) .... Christabel Bielenberg
Aria (1987) .... Marietta (segment "Die tote Stadt")
Remando al viento (1987) .... Claire Clairmont
Rowing In the Wind (1987)
Rowing with the Wind (1987)

Amy Smart

Actress Name: Amy Smart
Born: 26 March 1976 Topanga Canyon, California
Height: 5' 6"

Smart had a very minor role in the 1997 film Starship Troopers as the co-pilot for (and friend of) Carmen Ibanez (Denise Richards).
In 1999, Amy Smart played the girlfriend of a popular football player (played by James Van Der Beek) in the film Varsity Blues.
Also, Smart appeared in the series Felicity, as a girlfriend of Scott Foley's character.
She subsequently appeared in a number of films catering to a teenage audience, many of which were successful, including Road Trip (2000) and The Butterfly Effect (2004).

In 2002, she was ranked #27 in Stuff magazine's "102 Sexiest Women in the World"
In 2004, she was nominated for "Best Kiss" at the MTV Movie Awards for her role in Starsky & Hutch.
In 2005, Smart co-starred with Ryan Reynolds in the romantic comedy film Just Friends, which did fairly at the box office, grossing $32 million.
She also had a small role in American sitcom Scrubs, playing the wife of a coma patient.
She had been nicknamed TCW (Tasty Coma Wife) by JD and his friends. JD has a short relationship with her following the death of her husband..

Monday, January 15

Anatomy Awards Top 10 Female Artists

Salma Hayek in movie Ask the Dust
Best Nude Scenes of 2006
# 1. Salma Hayek Tops Best Nude Scenes of 2006. Sure, Jennifer Aniston took a nude walk through an apartment building, but it was Salma Hayek's covorting in the water with Colin Farrell that won Mr. Skin's Anatomy Award and love for 2006. Hayek, who caused boiling water cooler talk the next day after her brassiered appearance on "Ugly Betty," gave it all up on screen for "Ask the Dust," a Depression-era drama that ... well, never mind that. The bottom line is that Hayek skinny dips with Colin Farrell and then bares all for a follow-up sex scene.
# 2. Gretchen Mol, The usually blonde won second place recognition for taking chances as the brunette star of "The Notorious Bettie Page," playing the titular pin-up model and fetish queen. Numerous "artistic" poses abound, including a yuletide one to get viewers in the mood this holiday season.
# 3. Brittany Daniel in "Rampage: The Hillside Strangler Murders" - This straight-to-DVD release shows the "Joe Dirt" actress in a menage a trois and some tub soaking.
# 4. Bai Ling in "Edmond" - She gives William H. Macy and the viewers an eyeful at a peep show.
# 5. Jennifer Aniston in "The Break-Up" - Rent the full-screen version for more of her butt during her windy walk.
# 6. Barbara Nedeljakova in "Hostel: Unrated Version" -You get your pick of five actresses who show skin in this film, but Barb had Mr. Skin's vote for her sex and sauna scenes.
# 7. Kelly Brook in "Survival Island" - A woman, her husband and their manservant engage in lots of outdoor action.
# 8. Kyra Sedgewick in "Loverboy" - Kevin Bacon directs his wife getting it on in the library and in various other scenes. Bonus footage of Marisa Tomei in a bath.
# 9. Amanda Righetti in "Angel Blade" - Shot in 2002, but released to DVD this year, this "O.C." guest star plays a stripper who likes sex and showering.
# 10. Lauren Lee Smith in "Lie With Me" - Alone, with a partner, with a partner and an audience ... she just likes getting nude.