Friday, August 19

Hottest under 25years old Female Celebrities

30: Kristen Kreuk

Age: 25
Why She’s On The List: Kristin Kreuk first broke into the acting scene after winning the role of Laurel Yeung on the Canadian teen soap series, Edgemont. Kristin became famous in the US after starring as Lana Lang on the CW hit, Smallville. Kristin has a tight knit group of friends, which includes her Smallville costar, Allison Mack. Because it rains so much in Vancouver, the two best friends often swap books or hang out and watch Woody Allen movies.

29: Kaley Cuoco

Why She’s On The List: Kaley Cuoco is best known for her TV roles as Bridget on 8 Simple Rules and Penny on The Big Bang Theory. Kaley got her acting start at age 3 in commercials and TV. Kaley was also a nationally ranked amateur tennis player. While Kaley isn’t currently dating anyone, she has her two dogs, her german shepard named Duke and her Chihuaua-Dacshaund Petey to keep her company!

Hottest 25 and Under Female Celebrities

Covering young celebrities is what I do, so what would be more natural than a look at the hottest female celebrities under the age of 25? Sugar slam wore out IMDB and Wikipedia checking birthdays and finding fresh faces in the 18-25 age range, so I hope you like their list and discover a few new hotties you’ve never heard of.
On to the countdown:

40: Katy Perry

Age: 24
Why She’s On The List: Katy burst onto the scene with her HUGE hit “I kissed a girl” in the summer of 2008. Her CD “One of the boys” has received world-wide fame and has surely made her minister parents proud! Katy’s current single , ‘Hot n cold’ is still climbing up the charts!

39: Tammin Sursok

Age: 25
Why She’s On The List: This Australian hottie can currently be seen playing the role of “Coleen Carlton” on the CBS Soap Opera, ‘The Young and the Restless’. Tammin has appeared in several films as well as had 3 Top-15 hits on Australian radio She can also be referred to as a former “Australian Person of the Year”