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Katie Price Jordan

Name: Katie Price (aka JORDAN)
Occupation : Model, Singer
Date of Birth : may, 22, 1978
Place of Birth : Brighton, U.K.
Measurements : 34D - 24 - 34
Marital Status : Single
Height: 5 feet 9 inches tall
Jordan grew up in the seaside town of Brighton in Sussex.
Hair Colour: Brunette.
Eye Colour: Hazel.

Katie Price Filmography:

"I'm a Celebrity, Get Me Out of Here!" (2002) TV Series .... Herself (Series 3) (2004)
Jordan: You Don't Even Know Me (2004) (TV) .... Herself
Jordan: The Model Mum (2004) (TV) .... Herself
British Comedy Awards 2003, The (2003) (TV) .... Herself
National Music Awards 2003, The (2003) (TV) .... Presenter
Luvvies, The (2003) (TV) .... Herself
2002 Top of the Pops Awards (2002) (TV) .... Presenter
Tour of Erotica (2002) (TV) .... Herself
... aka Ben Dover's Tour of Erotica (2002) (TV) (USA: complete title)
Jordan: The Truth About Me (2002) (TV) .... Herself
British Comedy Awards 2001, The (2001) (TV) .... Herself
Best of So Graham Norton, The (2000) (V) .... Herself

Katie Price Quotes:
"I was totally flat-chested at school." - Katie Price Jordan

Tuesday, January 24

Xena The Warrior Princess

Lucy Lawless

Real Name: Lucille Francis Ryan
Place of birth: Mount Albert, Auckland, New Zealand
Date of birth: 03/29/1968

About: Lucy Lawless is a born beauty. She won the Mrs. New Zealand pageant in her homeland, which landed her a part on the hit comedy series Funny Business. There was nothing funny about this brunette's appeal. She rode the vehicle of her good looks to other indigenous productions like Within the Law (1990), A Bitter Song (1990), and The End of the Golden Weather (1991) before landing a role on the hit series For the Love of Mike. For those who love Lucy, she took her career to the next lusty level, moving to the U.S. and finding work on The Ray Bradbury Theatre, The X Files, and, most importantly, on Hercules: The Legendary Journeys. She was first cast as Lyla but later tried out for the ass-kicking Xena, was cast, and dyed her hair to distinguish herself from the prior role. Xena was such a tempting warrior that her character was spun off, and the rest is history. Despite her name, Lucy's film and TV career has been very law abiding, at least in terms of breaking the skin barrier. She's strutting about scantily clad, but sadly always clad. For an unintentional peek at Lucy's lovelies, check out the lungful beauty belting out the National Anthem at a Redwings game in Detroit on May 6th, 1997. She also belted out one of her meaty boobs as it rolled out from her descending top while she reached for that illusive high note. Now that Xena is off the air, maybe Lucy will get (intentionally) loose. That made the crowd give her a standing ovation . . . in their pants!

On her teasing guest spot on TV's The X Files: "I spent a lot of time underwater and performing naked. Well, actually I didn't perform naked. I credit that to a great body double. I don't do nudity. I'm the mother of two kids."

Actress TV Roles:

Tarzan ...Kathleen Clayton 2003-2003
Xena: Warrior Princess ...Xena 1995-2001
For the Love of Mike ...Helen 1991-1991
Funny Business ... Various 1989-1989
Peep! ...Helen -

Saturday, January 21


Charlize Theron 7/8/1975 Benoni, South Africa (originally spoke Afrikaans, which is derived from 17th-century Dutch)

Daisy Fuentes 17/11/1966 Havana, Cuba TV Host/Model/Actress

Julianne Moore 3/12/1961 Fayetteville, North Carolina, USA Actress Julie Anne Smith

Melanie Griffith 9/8/1957 New York City (child of 'The Birds' actress, Tippi Hedren)

Michelle Pfeiffer 29/4/1958 Santa Ana, California (Parents: Dick Pfeiffer and Donna)

Susan Ward 15/4/1976 Monroe, Louisana, USA Actress/Model


Geri Helliwell 6/8/1972 Watford, United Kingdom Geraldine Estelle Halliwell (Spanish mother and a half Swedish, half-English father)

Shania Twain 28/8/1965 Windsor, Ontario, Canada Eileen Regina Edwards
{Shania spent most of her life in Timmins, about 500 miles north of Toronto.
(Raised by her mom Sharon and stepfather Jerry Twain, an Ojibwe Indian)}

ELisha Cuthbert

Name: Elisha Cuthbert
Date of Birth: 30/11/1982
Birthplace: Calgary, Alberta, Canada
Birth Name: Elisha Ann Cuthbert
Hair Color: Blonde
Height: 5' 4"
Weight: Around 108 lbs
Eye Color: Blue
Parents: Kevin & Patricia Cuthbert, 2 siblings: One brother Jonathan, and one sister Lee-Ann. Both younger.
Residence (2001 - Present): Los Angles, Ca.
Occupation: Actress
Movie: The Girl Next Door
Favorite Food (1999) : Mexican
Favorite Drink (1999) : Strawberry Kiwi Gatorade
Favorite Music (1999) : Hip-hop, Rock
Favorite Movie (1999): Ferris Bueller's Day Off
Favorite TV Show (1999) : King of the Hill
Hobbies (1999) : Snowboarding, photography, skiing, hanging out with her friends, drawing, Painting.

Movies Videos of Pornstars Sylvia Saints

Supergirl (1984)
Added: 18-07-2006 18:37
By: Spellcrafter
Shows: 10
Password: spellcrafter
Description: Plot:
Introducing a brand new superhero--the beautiful and mighty Girl of Steel in her
very first adventure. Her name is Kara, and she\'s Superman\'s cousin from Krypton.
Coming to Earth on a mission to save her dying city, Supergirl has to find and recover
the Omegahedron, a source of almost unlimited power. But it\'s fallen into the hands
of an amateur witch named Selena--who intends to use it to rule the world! To get it
back, Supergirl has to fight not only evil humans, but the unimaginable forces of
Black Magic (including a hundred-foot monster made of pure energy), and make a perilous
journey into the forbidden depths of the Phantom Zone.
Genre: Sci-Fi / Adventure / Fantasy / Action
Directed by: Jeannot Szwarc
Starring: Helen Slater, Faye Dunaway, Peter O\'Toole
Total size, mb: 702.105 (Size, mb: 95.367) (Size, mb: 95.367) (Size, mb: 95.367) (Size, mb: 95.367) (Size, mb: 95.367) (Size, mb: 95.367) (Size, mb: 95.367) (Size, mb: 34.533)


Silvia Saint FF
Description: Hello to all my friends here at the hcmf. I hope this finds you all
ticking along at a comfortable speed.
Silvia Saint, though unfortunately GG only.
716,726k, runtime: 1:39:00
D/l all seven files.
Check files with sfv file, if desired. SantAngelo.part1.rar.htm SantAngelo.part2.rar.htm SantAngelo.part3.rar.htm SantAngelo.part4.rar.htm SantAngelo.part5.rar.htm SantAngelo.part6.rar.htm SantAngelo.part7.rar.htm SantAngelo.sfv.html

100% Sylvia

Description: "9 scorching scenes of lavatorial lust & blistering bathroom action starring
Silvia Saint, Michelle Wild, Sandra Iron, Lau ra Angel and a host of other toilet temptresses!
Watch these filthy sluts get screwed in the toilet! This latest lascivious compilation includes
scenes from some of Privates most prestigious series including Private Gold, Black Label and The Matador Series Bathroom Pleasea.avi.001 Bathroom Pleasea.avi.002 Bathroom Pleasea.avi.003 Bathroom Pleasea.avi.004 Bathroom Pleasea.avi.005 Bathroom Pleasea.avi.006 Bathroom Pleasea.avi.007 Bathroom Pleaseb.avi.001 Bathroom Pleaseb.avi.002 Bathroom Pleaseb.avi.003 Bathroom Pleaseb.avi.004 Bathroom Pleaseb.avi.005 Bathroom Pleaseb.avi.006 Bathroom Pleaseb.avi.007


Thinking of Silvia {FULL MOVIE} Sexy housewife, Silvia Saint, gets lit tle sympathy from
philandering hubby, Brick Majors, when she tells him about the intense and erotic dreams
that are plaguing her sleep. Dela ney and Trey are just two of the nasty lovers who
pervade her dreams i n their smoking hot leather enhanced lovemaking. But Brick is not
abov e soothing Silvia's trepidations with a little backdoor loving! Later, at the office,
Brick is seducing slutty assistant, Heaven Leigh, whil e Silvia is indulging her fantasies
with the aid of a dream analysis b ook, as well as European gal pal, Daniella, in some sexy
girl/girl act ion! Will Silvia find peace in her utmost fantasies? Tune in...and kee p
Dreaming of Silvia! Starring: Daniella Rush [LezOnly]; Delaney Danie ls [Facial];
Heaven Leigh [Facial]; Silvia Saint [Anal Facial]; Stormy Dream [Facial Bald];
Brick Majors; Hershel Savage; Trey Hunter
Previe w: Video Size: 448 x 336 Size: 700 MB (734,978,048 bytes)
Running Time : 01:25:02
Audio Bit Rate: 121kbps Audio Format: MPEG Layer-3 Video Fr ame Rate: 29 frames/second
Video Compression: DivX
Links All Parts Req uired to Extract Checksum
Pass = "Welcome to The Dream" {Without the Q uotes and Case Sensitive}


The Private Life of Sylvia Saint



Movie: Jenna`s Revenge
Sábado, Julio 15th, 2006
Gran película protagonizada por Jenna Jameson y Jill Kelly, dos de las pornostars más famosas de todos los tiempos. Junto a ellas, Holly Body, Sindee Coxx, Johnny Black, Ruby, Papillon.
Movie en formato MPG, 89 minutos de duración y 859 mb.
Password: “bndssd” (90.45 MB) (96.56 MB) (96.59 MB) (96.60 MB) (96.73 MB) (96.03 MB) (96.58 MB) (96.66 MB) (93.33 MB)