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Hottest 25 and Under Female Celebrities

Covering young celebrities is what I do, so what would be more natural than a look at the hottest female celebrities under the age of 25? Sugar slam wore out IMDB and Wikipedia checking birthdays and finding fresh faces in the 18-25 age range, so I hope you like their list and discover a few new hotties you’ve never heard of.
On to the countdown:

40: Katy Perry

Age: 24
Why She’s On The List: Katy burst onto the scene with her HUGE hit “I kissed a girl” in the summer of 2008. Her CD “One of the boys” has received world-wide fame and has surely made her minister parents proud! Katy’s current single , ‘Hot n cold’ is still climbing up the charts!

39: Tammin Sursok

Age: 25
Why She’s On The List: This Australian hottie can currently be seen playing the role of “Coleen Carlton” on the CBS Soap Opera, ‘The Young and the Restless’. Tammin has appeared in several films as well as had 3 Top-15 hits on Australian radio She can also be referred to as a former “Australian Person of the Year”

38: Evan Rachel Wood

Age: 21
Why She’s On The List: Evan Rachel is probably most known for her 1-year relationship with Marilyn Manson, which ended in 2008. She has had some fascinating roles in the Beatles inspired movie “Across the Universe” as well as the critically acclaimed “Running with “Scissors”. She signed with Interscope Records in October 2007 and is currently working on her debut singing album.

37: Laura Vandervoort

Age: 24
Why She’s On The List: This Canadian-born actress is most well known for her role on the CW hit ‘Smallville’. Since that role ended she has filmed Into the Blue and Into the Blue 2: The Reef. If you don’t like her movies, don’t worry she can kick your ass, since she is a Second Degree Blackbelt!

36: Leighton Meester

Age: 22
Why She’s On The List: While you know and love her from her portrayal of Blair Waldorf, on Gossip Girl, the world was first introduced to Leighton in a Texas State hospital. Her parents were in jail for drug trafficking when she was born. Leighton has come a long way!!

35: Lauren Conrad

Age: 22
Why She’s On The List: More affectionately know as “LC”, we first met Lauren on the MTV reality show “Laguna Beach: The Real Orange County”. We then followed her to college and then stayed with her for her current MTV series “The Hills”. Lauren is currently the spokesperson for “Mark”, an avon line marketed towards the younger female market.

34: Adrianne Palicki

Age: 25
Why She’s On The List: You know her as the bad-girl of Dillon, Texas; Adrianne Palicki portrays ‘Tyra Collette’ on the NBC drama Friday Night Lights. Adrianne has appeared on several shows that aired on the CW/UPN network and will appear along side Dennis Quaid in the upcoming release of “Legion”.

33: Julianne Hough

Age: 20
Why She’s On The List: We all know and love Julianne from her Championships on Dancing With the Stars but look out now..she’s traded in her dance shoes for cowboy boots. Her self-titled debut CD landed at #1 on the Billboard charts. She’s gorgeous, sings and dances…what more can you ask for?

32: Emily Van Camp

Age: 22
Why She’s On The List: This Canadian-born actress can speak 3 languages! Most well known for her role on “Everwood” these days, Emily is playing Rebecca Harper on the ABC hit drama, “Brothers & Sisters”. She does have a nasty habit for dating her on-screen brothers. Emily was engaged to Chris Pratt from “Everwood” and is currently dating Dave Annabelle from “Brothers & Sisters”.

31: Blake Lively

Age: 21
Why She’s On The List: Blake has grown-up with a family in the “industry”. Her real-life father, Ernie Lively also portrayed her father in the “Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants” movies. Her current character on “Gossip Girl” Serena Van DerWoodsen has similar taste in men, as Blake is dating Penn Badgley who plays Dan Humphrey. Strangely enough, they’ve known each other since they were homeschooled together as small children.

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