Charlize Theron 7/8/1975 Benoni, South Africa (originally spoke Afrikaans, which is derived from 17th-century Dutch)

Daisy Fuentes 17/11/1966 Havana, Cuba TV Host/Model/Actress

Julianne Moore 3/12/1961 Fayetteville, North Carolina, USA Actress Julie Anne Smith

Melanie Griffith 9/8/1957 New York City (child of 'The Birds' actress, Tippi Hedren)

Michelle Pfeiffer 29/4/1958 Santa Ana, California (Parents: Dick Pfeiffer and Donna)

Susan Ward 15/4/1976 Monroe, Louisana, USA Actress/Model


  1. Xena is MY PRINCESS, I just loved her whole style, dresses, fight scenes. Where can i get her address???


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