Monday, April 18

World Sexiest Woman - Catherine Bowden

Esquire, the influential magazine named the 22-year-old American actress Catherine Bowden sexiest woman in the world. Katrina Bowden voted for more than two million people. Do you agree with the magazine's opinion?

World Sexiest Woman - Catherine Bowden

Tuesday, March 9

Hottest women in MMA !!

MMA is a damn fine sport to follow if you appreciate beautiful women since all between the ring girls, apparel models, television hosts, and the lady-fighters themselves.

Hot Contender: Spending her high school years on the boys' wrestling team gave Miesha Tate the grit she needed to fight in cages for a living. These days, "Takedown Tate" is one of the top-ten 135-pound female fighters in the world, and the combination of her nasty ground-and-pound and natural sex appeal has made her a rising star. You can see Miesha in action next month at Strikeforce Challengers 7 as she takes on Zoila Frausto.