Tuesday, March 9

Hottest women in MMA !!

MMA is a damn fine sport to follow if you appreciate beautiful women since all between the ring girls, apparel models, television hosts, and the lady-fighters themselves.

Hot Contender: Spending her high school years on the boys' wrestling team gave Miesha Tate the grit she needed to fight in cages for a living. These days, "Takedown Tate" is one of the top-ten 135-pound female fighters in the world, and the combination of her nasty ground-and-pound and natural sex appeal has made her a rising star. You can see Miesha in action next month at Strikeforce Challengers 7 as she takes on Zoila Frausto.

Hot East Coast Girl: A native of Staten Island, Laura is a local legend among MMA fans in New York and New Jersey thanks to her ring-girl appearances for fight clubs like Ring of Combat and Asylum Fight League. As a professional hot chick, she has tremendous upside; let's hope this exciting prospect gets her shot at the majors sooner rather than later.
Hot Interviewer: She's not just an amazing set of...eyes. KNOXX Gear's foxy video-interviewer is a former pre-school teacher (and graduate of Cal State East Bay) with a genuine love of the sport. And yes, they're 100% real — which is something you can't say about Ariel Helwani.
Hot Grappler: Kyra is living proof that the Gracie clan occasionally produces daughters. Her outstanding accomplishments in competitive grappling — two titles at the ADCCs, three at the Mundials, five at the Pan American BJJ Games, five at the Brazilian BJJ championships, etc., etc. — compare with those of any of her male relations. Plus, she's clearly the best-looking Gracie since Helio. Krya is currently training for her MMA debut.
Hot UFC Legend: Rachelle's round-card-holding days may be over, but the former Octagon Girl has stayed in our hearts thanks to her hosting gig on Spike's UFC All Access. In 2008, Leah became the first woman from the world of MMA to score the cover of Playboy. Hopefully she won't be the last.
As the brains (and beauty) behind MMAGirls.net, Joanne has entertained us since 2006 with her jiu-jitsu tutorials and always-insightful fight prediction videos. The adorable South African's work now includes fighter interviews, fighter sponsorships, and a budding acting career.
The Mexican-American model and "Maxim Hometown Hottie" finalist adds some much-needed softness to the head-stomping brutality of those classic fights.
Hot WEC Eye-Candy: As the ring-girl queen bee for World Extreme Cagefighting, Brittney has been cageside for some of the most thrilling MMA events of the past couple years. The Las Vegas native produces her own thrills nightly as a dancer in the X Burlesque show at the Flamingo Hotel, and also works as a cocktail waitress at Pure Nightclub.
Hot Pill-and-Powder Pusher: Don't ask us how Xyience has managed to stay afloat after their past financial troubles. Nevertheless, the supplement company is still a major sponsor of the UFC, and former Octagon Girl Amber Nichole Miller now collects a paycheck as one of their main spokesmodels. Amber allegedly parted ways with the UFC after a catty falling-out with Rachelle Leah, and we've missed her seductive bad-girl appeal ever since.
Hot Fight Gear Model: From certain angles, Jenny P looks less like a real, human woman, and more like an experiment perpetrated by two lonely teenage boys on their computer. You couldn't draw this girl better. Though Jenny's modeling resume includes countless magazines and websites, she first came to our attention as a clothing model for MMA brands like Hitman Fight Gear and Take A Nap Fight Gear.
Hot Octagon Goddess: The fact that Arianny has survived all of the UFC's Octagon Girl talent purges says a lot about how beloved she is among fans; once you reach a certain level of hotness, you're basically untouchable. Simply put, Arianny Celeste is the sexiest MMA ring girl of all time. She's a master-tweeter, she attends proms with nerdy fans, and she cooks in boots. What more could a man ask for?
Hot Superstar: Gina Carano is the very definition of "wife that." MMA's first female star has been crossing over to mainstream success in a big way, pulling in high-profile media attention and a lead role in the next Steven Soderbergh flick. With her thousand-watt smile, down-to-earth charm, and undeniable talent, she's every MMA fan's dream woman.

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