Demi Moore

Real Name: Demetria Gene Guynes
Birthday: 11.11.1962
Birthplace: Roswell, New Mexico, USA
Occupation: Actor
Sign: Scorpio

Demetria Guynes was born on the 11th of November 1962, in Roswell, New Mexico. Not only was her family poverty stricken, but her family life wasn't much to cheer about either. The future soap opera actress' childhood was a drama in itself.

By the time she was 18, Demi's family had experienced divorce, poverty, alcoholism, and suicide. Her father left the family before she was born and her mother married Danny Guynes, a newspaper ad salesman. His unstable job forced the family to move around from time to time, and whatever money he did make was lost to gambling.

To add to her less than positive upbringing, her cross-eyed condition, which was finally corrected thanks to two operations, did not help her much. After her surgery, Demi used her looks to earn some money modeling in Europe (after dropping out of high school), and put her now trademark raspy voice to work as a collection agent.

Once a pretty, sultry teenage model with a slightly subdued, aloof quality, Moore evolved into one of the top female screen stars of the 1990s. She began as a regular on ABC's staple of daytime drama, "General Hospital"; her husky voice and hushed line delivery seemed to lend itself well to the tense plots. Moore soon segued to features, making her debut in "Choices" (1981). In 1984 she became a Hollywood mainstay, playing Michael Caine's vulnerable young daughter in "Blame It on Rio".

That same year, Demi became a member of the Brat Pack with a role in St. Elmo's Fire. While playing a dual role as a cocaine-addict, both on and off-screen, she finally kicked the habit after receiving an ultimatum from the film's director. The 80's were marked with an engagement to Emilio Estevez, a marriage to Bruce Willis and some more film roles, but none as memorable as her role in Ghost

Demi's star rose to the top of the box office after the commercial and critical success of 1990's romantic tearjerker Ghost. Her role in the courtroom drama A Few Good Men, co-starring heavy hitters Jack Nicholson and Tom Cruise secured her role in Hollywood, and made audiences forgive her for her roles in Mortal Thoughts, Nothing But Trouble and The Butcher's Wife.

In 1994, Demi starred in Indecent Proposal, which garnered her an MTV Movie Award for Best Onscreen Kiss. That same year, she co-starred with Michael Douglas in Disclosure, where her physical assets were disclosed to audiences worldwide.

After her role in Striptease, Demi disappeared from the spotlight, only to resurface with a role in G.I. Jane and a highly publicized separation from her husband of 11 years, Bruce Willis.

Demi is not only an actress and former model, she is also an avid doll collector and hopes to someday open a doll museum; a businesswoman (she owns a stake of the waning Planet Hollywood with Sylvester Stallone, Arnold Schwarzenegger and Bruce Willis); not to mention the mother of her three daughters with Bruce Willis -- Rumer Glenn, Scout LaRue and Tallulah Belle.

Demi's time in the spotlight is also due to her behavior in the media. She appeared nude in the 80's for the magazine Oui and twice on the cover of Vanity Fair; once while 7 months pregnant, and a second time covered in body paint.

Demi returns to the spotlight after a 3-year hiatus, this time in this summer's Passion of Mind.

Demi Moore Filmgraphy

• Celebrity Naked Ambition: 2003
• Charlie's Angels: Full Throttle: 2003
• Passion of Mind: 2000
• Deconstructing Harry: 1997
• G.I. Jane: 1997
• Striptease: 1996
• The Juror: 1996
• The Juror: 1996
• The Scarlet Letter: 1995
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• Disclosure: 1994
• Indecent Proposal: 1993
• A Few Good Men: 1992
• Nothing But Trouble: 1991
• The Butcher's Wife: 1991
• Ghost: 1990
• We're No Angels: 1989
• The Seventh Sign: 1988
• Wisdom: 1986
• One Crazy Summer: 1986
• About Last Night...: 1986
• St. Elmo's Fire: 1985
• Master Ninja I: 1984
• No Small Affair: 1984
• Blame It on Rio: 1984
• Young Doctors in Love: 1982
• Parasite: 1982
• Choices: 1981