Sunday, December 13

Pleasure and Pain Pictorial

Time is like Ass hol*
what Passes out doesn't come back.

Business is like boobs
It bounces up and down.

Life is like a pussy hole
It gives Pleasure and Pain.

But Friendship is like s*x
Life has no meaning without it!

Saturday, December 12

Fwd: Shape n Size of Beauty

Beauty comes in all shapes and sizes

Thursday, November 19

Celeb Mug Selfie

She: I got a new mug. Do you like it? 

Friday, July 31

Grease movie Girl

Who was this girl in movie Grease?



Tuesday, December 18

Top 10 Celebrity Nude Scenes Of 2014

Celebs 2014

We have compiled the top 10 celebrity nude scenes for 2014. As you can see in the videos below, this was an epic year of nude degeneracy in both movies and television.