Saturday, August 8

Celebrity Nude Movie Scenes Videos

Celebrity nude movie scenes videos

Elisabetta Cavallotti - Guardami - | 39411 KB

Federica Tommasi - | 24885 KB

Gillian Anderson - | 32417 KB

Jennifer Connelly in movies, ""Of Love Shadows" , "Some Girls" - | 87709 KB

Monday, April 13

25 Sexiest Things Ever Said by Women

The 25 Sexiest Things Ever Said by Women

sexy women tight dress
1. “The serpent beguiled me, and I did eat.” — Eve, Genesis 3:13

2. “To err is human—but it feels divine.” — Mae West

3. “We’re so damn conservative all day that when you finally get us in the bedroom, we’re absolute animals.” — Shannen Doherty, on being Republican

4. “Lust is the sin that gets me excited. Luckily, because I’m married, I also get good jewelry out of it.” — Heather Locklear

5. “All I can say is if they show my butt in a movie, it better be a wide shot.” — Jennifer Lopez

6. “I don’t think I have to introduce myself, unless you don’t recognize me with my clothes on.” — Madonna

7. “If you want to turn on your boyfriend, get naked and strap on an accordion.” — Sheryl Crow

Wednesday, February 25

Thursday, November 6

Best Celebrity Breasts in Past Two Years

My other babe list started me thinking. To qualify, they have to be natural, or at least make me believe they are, and they can come from any era, or performance.

Got a couple of hours to spare, so I thought I'll pirate and add pictures. It'll be a fun research.

(2nd Alternate) Tiffani Amber Thiessan

Very hot in SBTB. (I have been watching her since long.)

(1st Alternate) Gisele B√ľndchen

Bedded Leo; must be cool.

20. Christina Applegate

Loved her on Married With Children

19. Heather Graham

Mmmmmmmmmmmmm, she is THE Roller Girl.

Saturday, October 25

Young People F***ing (Unrated Movie Version)

Director: Martin Gero
Cast: Aaron Abrams, Carly Pope, Diora Baird, Kristin Booth, Josh Dean, Sonja Bennett
Description / Plot Summary:
Young People F---ing
Brutally honest and hilarious, YPF follows four couples (and one adventuresome threesome) through one night in pursuit of a shared goal: getting laid.
But getting to the climax proves far more complicated than any of them imagined...