Saturday, April 28

Supermodels With And Without Makeup

These supermodels are known worldwide for their beauty.
But how they really looks without makeup and hairstyle?
Lets have a look here…
01. Adriana Lima
02. Alessandra Ambrosio

Friday, April 6

70s Fashion Vs. Todays

Lets see some of the changes in past 25+ years. You could tell me which one do you like most?
I am glad I was born to see new girls following modern fashion. The less is better ;-)

70s fashion vs todays01 70s Fashion vs Todays

Tuesday, February 21

Top 10 Recycled Dresses

Women's dress made from recycled used and waste materials like money (garbage??) , condom, newspaper, plastic, tin foil, trash bag, golden book, tea bags, vogue magazine, capri sun, balloons.

01. Money Dress